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米国の国際社会の問題についての、いわゆる「ダブルスタンダード」について、世界的な外交雑誌Foreign Affairs誌で、米国や西側諸国ではない様々な地域の専門家の論考を掲載しています。抜粋ですが、ご参考まで。

  1. May 19, 2023
    Foreign Affairs May/June 2023号から

“In Defence of the Fence Sitters
What the West Gets Wrong About Hedging” /Matias Spector

”As the Chilean diplomat Jorge Heine pointed out, the United States cacnnot expect other countries to sanction Russia for its brutality in Ukraine when Washington is supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia for its proxy war against Iran in Yemen, which has resulted in the unlawful killing of thousands of civlilians, the destruction of a rich cultural heritage, and the displacement of millions of people. The moral high ground requires consistency between values and actions.
Furthermore, most countries in the global South find it difficult to accpept Western claims of a “rules-based order” when the United States and its allies frequently violate the rules-committing atrocities in thier various wars, mistreating migrants, dodging internationally binding rules to curb carbon emissions, and underminig decades of multilateral efforts to promote trade and reduce protectionism, for instance….

The developing world also sees hypocrisy in Washington’s framing of its competition with Beijing and Moscow as a battle between democracy and autocracy. After all, the United States continues to selectively back authoritarian governments when it serves U.S. interests.”